We exist to catalyze a movement of Kingdom leaders who encourage, resource and promote the expansion of multiethnic and economically diverse congregations and ministries who collaborate together for measurable changes in our city!


Ideation 2020 and Beyond: (New 501©3/Mosaix Cincy Network)

1. Multi-Ethnic Leadership Development

Access to Local Network
Portal for Employment Opportunities
Mosaix Global Network Partnership
a. Preparing Pastors for local ME Churches
b. Preparing Church Planters for Launch

4. Multi-Ethnic Tough Conversations
(Healing What Divides Community) 

Gender/Sexual Orientation
a. Correcting Myths & Falsehoods
b. Building Trust
c. Advancing the Gospel Message
d. Giving Voice to Marginalized/Disenfranchised

2. Transitioning Existing Churches
(Building ME Congregations)

a. Pastoral Coaching & Support
b. Coaching Leadership Teams
c. Church Growth/Transition Strategy
d. Implicit Bias Training
e. Social Enterprise Collaborative (S.E.C.)
f. #3 a. – f.

5. Multi-Ethnic Community Outreach
(Building Social Impact)

a. Creating Collaborations
b. Uniting the Church
c. Building Healthy Community
d. Tackling Felt Needs
e. Living the Gospel Message

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3. New Multi-Ethnic Churches
(Development & Support)

a. ME Church Best Practices
b. ME Staff Search
c. ME Resources
d. ME Conversations Small Groups
e. Connections/Partnerships
f.  Mosaix Global Network
g. Funding
h. #2 a. – e.

Why Do This?
The Gospel is the only way to save mankind’s sin sick soul. Multi-Ethnic church growth and developments are one such way to extend the Gospel of Jesus Christ with love and truth.

We will provide healing and reconciliation of all manner of difference toward establishing one new humanity.  Our end resulting in church that radiates heaven in our city.